The Apothecary Wine Bar

“Millenials want a space where they feel confident and comfortable experimenting with new and unique ways to enjoy wine, even when they don’t really know what the hell is going on.” 

Guiding Insight


Position: Account Manager
Faux Client: Monique
Mock Budget: $15,000



"Monique" was looking to create a wine bar for millennials. Millennials and wine make an odd-coupling which made this challenge especially exciting. From our primary research conducted via surveys, we found that contrary to what was originally hypothesized, millennials do want to drink wine- they just want to do it in their own way. They want to know the why's and the how's of wine tasting without the "snobby" feel. 

The Apothecary allows experimenting and learning via trial and error as well as guiding millennials to the answer rather than chauvinistically forcing wine-norms on them. Millennials are independent, yet curious, and offered a viable market. Our group made scent trays, with fully mocked-up print on trays for our client presentation complete with fresh lavender clippings, tobacco, and berries to create a real experience to show just how alluring the Apothecary can be. 

Our budget was spent on Google Ad-Words, Snapchat Geo-Filter, Guerilla Marketing, social media management, and website development. Our recommendation as well as experience was derived from our strategy, creative, and research.