The Missing Piece

Position: Account Manager & Media Planner
Client: Attic Journals
Budget: $3,000


Attic Journals was looking for a better way to market their journals. Michelle was successful at her business. Her passion and personality sold her journals, but the problem was, they weren't selling when Michelle wasn't there to explain the product with her fiery passion and beautiful story. 

Portland State's Advertising Portfolio Workshop took her on as a client - to create her the best creative campaign. We had 72 straight-hours to research and develop a campaign from scratch in a brand new team. 

Our team listened when Michelle spoke and identified the problem from both primary and secondary research as well as critical thinking. At the final client presentation, we brought multiple versions of her product in brand new, aesthetically-pleasing packaging design coupled with a social media campaign. And we offered this all to her under budget, with a plan to expand her budget and the rationale behind the strategy.

Her and her husband were so thrilled that we had these to hold, love and oogle over, it was the talk of the rest of the presentations.