Vanguard: Brand Platform

Position: Account Manager
Client: Vanguard
Budget: $3,000



PSU's Vanguard came to us disjointed and lacking the cohesive vision they needed to unify them as a team and allow students to understand just who is talking to them. Enter PSU creative campaigns. Prior to making a creative campaign for the client, a group of select peers and I requested that we unify and create Vanguard a Brand Platform Strawman, knowing that a creative campaign could do them no good without having a solid brand to stand on.

Because my team had the drive (and talent) to take on two roles at once, we took the Brand Platform on in addition to the creative campaign. We performed internal and external research from primary research methods such as conducting friendship dinners and conducting surveys to create the unity that would drive success and trust into the brand. 

By the end of our strategy and research, we presented the team with this: the brand platform. They all were relieved to see that yes, they all wanted the same thing, but now they knew how to get to that vision. 


Vanguard: Creative Campaign


Our strategy and research led our creatives to concept #TalkWithTilli. She's an investigative journalist corgi who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. She's trustworthy, friendly, and oh-so adorable. She provided a natural way for Vanguard to enter the millennial-era. She has the ability to remain versatile, and modern. We paired her with radio, social media, guerilla marketing, event marketing, and Snapchat geo-filters to make an epic boom in the 30,000 student population campus. Since the decline of newspapers, Vanguard fell to an all-time low of only 1,000 circulated copies. Tilli would be the trustworthy, familiar face that students desired. Now they would know, this is Vanguard.