Wieden + Kennedy

Client: Travel Oregon

Client: Travel Portland

Client: Travel Oregon

Position: Account Management Intern


I created my own internship at Wieden + Kennedy fall term of 2016. I worked side-by-side with project managers, producers, media managers, strategists, business affairs managers, creatives, and clients. I prepped for meetings, attended meetings, aided producers and copy-editors, and was on the constant go from the minute I walked in the door. I worked primarily on the creation of two client campaigns and the birth of a third, along with client research and media planning for Chobani. 

The first, the "Oregon Weather Compass," involved a micro-site which exposed me to business affairs, copy-editing, client meetings, PR, production managers, and creative concepting. The second was "145 Square Miles of Portland" which was a multi-faceted campaign that consisted of research, copy-editing, production, client meetings, and creative concepting. The third, and by far my favorite, experience at Wieden was the creation of a new campaign from an idea and watching it blossom to a successful creative pitch to the client. It's now known as "Travel Oregon 360." I worked alongside the account management team, production, strategy, and creatives to create the perfect pitch to the client. It was fascinating aiding the birth of the creative concept at an agency that puts the creative first. 



My experience at FIR Northwest allowed me a seamless transition to the advertising world. At FIR I wore more hats, but at Wieden, the key to my success was knowing all of the other positions inside and out but being excellent at my own. Nothing was more gratifying than knowing FIR and Portland State University more than prepared me to be successful in advertising- and of course, very proud of all the hard work all of the students and professors put into the program.